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What is the prognosis of someone with nsclc Stage 3 (adenocarcinoma) who went through 6 weeks of radiation and corresponding 6 weeks of c...
My brother has stage 3 NSCLC (non small cell). He's not communicating very well with us and has been on chemo that is no longer working....
My mom has stage three lung cancer. She is 58 years old and has always been in pretty good health. No mental history of illness; Always...
My mom has stage 4 non small cell lung cancer, she has tried multiple chemos and non of them are working so she has decided to stop treat...
Hi - A good friend was just diagnosed with this. We have very little information right now, other than it's stage 3, non-small cell. ...
Hi Doctors, I am asking this question oversea from China so please forgive me for my limited vocabulary and poor grammar, however, I w...
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