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I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in Mar. 2020. My left kidney was cut out. The doctor said that the cancer did not spread out. I...
Just went for my follow up CT scan and this is what they found: There was a slight increase in size of anterior mediastinal, prevascul...
Back in August my doc sent me for a LDCT because I was a smoker (just quit). They found 2 solid nodules 3mm. 1 solid, 4 mm. and 1 ground...
30% increase in primary NSCLC tumor with SUVmax of 7.69. Has canceled three EMBUS biopsies since discovered on PET on 11/15/2021. They pu...
Doctor didn’t find anything serious on ct scan then I did the bronchoscope a couple days ago, and there is BRONCHIAL CELL CT result. ...
My mom has stage 4 non small cell lung cancer with a marker of EGFR gene. Im so happy that they found this marker because it means they c...
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