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My mom has stage 4 non small cell lung cancer with a marker of EGFR gene. Im so happy that they found this marker because it means they c...
I was in the hospital about two weeks ago. They did a CT SCAN of my chest and found scattered Groundglass nodules up to 5mm in my left lo...
I am 47 years old and underwent a CT scan of my abdomen for some stomach issues. A 1.4 cm nodule in the right lower lobe of my lung was f...
Back in August my doc sent me for a LDCT because I was a smoker (just quit). They found 2 solid nodules 3mm. 1 solid, 4 mm. and 1 ground...
I’m 26 and am currently going through this situation, I cough a couple clear gellike balls up a day, and sometimes wake up from a cough a...
My sister-in-law (52-years old) was diagnosed with stage three colon and rectal cancer in July. She began chemotherapy in mid-August and ...
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