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Lupus, Fibro, Antiphosphpolipid Antibody Syndrome and other Autoimmune Life Stoppers Group

Have autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Antiphoshpolipid Antibody Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Reynauds, and others seemed to have stopped your life in its tracks? Do you just need an outlet? Would you like to share your story or draw on the experiences of others? This is the place for you. No negativity will be tolerated. Only support, respect, and healing found here.
Does anyone else have more than one generation in family of fibro, lupus, or other rheumatological problems? I was diagnosed with fibr...
Hi everyone! Today I received the news I've been dreading for the past few months: my Rheumatologist confirmed that I have Lupus. Fra...
hello and welcome!! I am so glad that you decided to join our group! Are there any specific things you would like to talk about? Or shall...
I want to know if anyone else has read or heard their doctor state that you fibromyalgia is caused by something traumatic before the age ...
Regarding my symptoms: I have become increasingly easily fatigued over the past few years. I've gone from working full time with an hour...
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