Maternity ward Group

A place where mom to be can come and relax. Take a break from the day to day stress with friends and vent, even ask those questions we need answers to. Come on in let's share our pregnant stories and announce the birth out our little miricals!
Hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all. Im really sorry I have not been on here for some time. Life has been pretty busy these days....
That's it. I just miss you ladies. I know I see most of you on Facebook (hint, hint, nudge, nudge Emma and third) Hope everyone is doing ...
So we finally had Cadences sleep study and they found issues. Duh. Her tonsils are at +3 which means they are blocking 50 to 75% of her a...
Did ya miss me?? Lol I'm finally back online! How is everyone?
I HATE THEM!!! lol ok that was my rant. Now to my question. when do we switch from rear facing to forward?? I'm confused
I'm such an airhead....I forgot to login in to the site..at first I was trying to post comments and I couldn't I was getting all worried ...
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