May 2011 babies Group

This is the group for all those wonderful ladies who are due in may 2011..
Nickname due date boy/girl/twins Name - BORN ON s2609 - 28 April - ...
Hey ladies - I haven't left....motherhood is just busy and wonderful! Ava Mae was forcefully evicted by c-section on May 12th at 4:43,...
Jacob was born last week - c -section. Jacob is 10 pounds, 23 L. He is very healthy baby boy and of course gorgeous!....Every doctor a...
Just curious as to those out there planning on Natural birth and possibly a waterbirth? I know that water is nature's epidural and can't...
Hi everyone, Kaya Emily 9lbs 9oz! 20 inches long, on April 29th. Cassandra's and mine are very similar, my membrane was striped on Wed...
I had my weekly check up yesterday and I am 50% thinned and already dilated to one centimeter! I know it's not much and I could hang out ...
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