May 2011 babies Group

This is the group for all those wonderful ladies who are due in may 2011..
so as we approach our due dates how many of you are having April babies? or have had your baby? come on check in i see the board has got...
Membrane sweep happened on wednesday at 12 pm, nothing exciting happened but bh. Thursayd around 12 had bloody show started irregular con...
Arrived April 29 at 602am weighing 8 lbs 5 oz 20 3/4 inch. I had a hard 14 hour labour. Longest and hardiest out of the 3. Tried epid...
I am looking _ searching for the best breast pump and baby monitor in the market. has anybody got anything good?... PUMPS: It see...
Thought I would let you all know that Mr Blayde George is here, had to be induced due to bubba stopped growing and after a 2 hr labor he ...
Hi has anyone had the doctor tell you that you're baby is measuring bigger than it should be? I finally had to have another ultrasound b...
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