May 2011 babies Group

This is the group for all those wonderful ladies who are due in may 2011..
Pregnancy MomWhat Is Happening To Your Body Because almost nothing can be done to stop labor by this week, your pregnancy is consi...
Well....everythig was perfect until 6 1/2 month of pregnancy Since ...My belly is getting huge and i can not walk as much as befor...
All weekend I kept going to the er in extreeme pain. I was having contractions so they kept telling me your fine only 1cm. After my 6th v...
It is getting slower and slower in this room...the excitement of new-ness is wearing off. Or, I think we are all becoming more busy getti...
Hi Everybody, Some of you know I have 7 Cats and i just want to share this new litter with all of you in case of needed or to let your fr...
Okay so last night I dreamed that I was going to the bathroom and all of sudden the baby came out in the toliet, I freaked out and pulled...
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