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So this how i going to start. Hello Everyone... How is everyone doing..?
Should you put on two earbuds or one? Or does it not make any difference on the amount?
Any Hispanic/Latina Girls on here?(:
Sorry, not a question but I just thought this was ironically ridiculous. Here people with Lyme Disease have to fight tooth and nail to ge...
Hi, the other day I twisted or either sprained my ankle. I know it's not broken cause I can still walk on it. Tonight I was just looking ...
Does anyone know if walmart's eye center accepts guardian insurance??
Hey all, I am going on a plane tomorrow, I am only bringing a carry on bag. So all my meds will have to be in my carry on and go through...
Hi everyone,im a international student studying in Netherlands now~just want to make some friends here~
So this crowd funding thing is a relatively new concept, but last time I had surgery I almost had to go into bankruptcy to pay the bill s...
Wow I've not used this site since I was a teenager, I'm now 24. I'm a care worker in the UK and I need some advice on a few things. I won...
I have two containers of tulips that I got for Easter. Now that they are done blooming as indoor flowers in their original container, h...
How do I update my status on medhelp?
Do any stay at home mom's or dad's know of any programs or ideas on how to make extra income. I am a stay at home mom and looking to make...
Is it just me or does getting your paycheck make you sad too? I know I should be happy I'm getting money, and I'm very thankful to even h...
What are your favourite things to do on a weekend?
Does anybody anybody play jetpack joyride ?
I love football expecially NFL. Which one is my favorite? This discussion is related to colon cleansing.
Are you looking to be trained in Vascular Ultrasound or get the RPVI credential? Where are you going for this training and what is most ...
Hi everyone... Or nobody, depending if someone reads this or not..... Anyway, what I am about to say has been really bothering me for a w...
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