Medhelp Photographers Group

To join, you don't need to have photography experience or a fancy camera. All you need is a camera and the joy of taking pictures.
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I use Medhelp for questions and concerns, but didn't think I would find a group that enjoys photography. I can't wait so see what you al...
They say that everyone has the ability to become a wonderful photographer but the problem is that mant people fall into this famous quote...
I love going to an event and taking pictures of the people at the event. In this case I went to a Rodeo and I seen this little boy who w...
I up-loaded some of my photos yesterday into two different folders. One is for the Meals that I cook on my Very Low Calorie Diet and the...
Hi everyone, I am new to the group. I am here for support while I try to lose weight and eat healthy but I seen this group and photograp...
Just uploaded some photos I'm kind of proud of. Come look!
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