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WELCOME TO THE MEDICAL ETHICS COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Medical Ethics issues such as Abortion; Genetic Engineering; End of Life Issues; Off-Label Prescribing;
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I have been taking effexor & minipress for several months, and then yesterday my psychiatrist ordered a urine test to "check my levels" o...
Ok, so I have been researching and trying to find out if I can donate blood after I have smoked marijuana. Most sites including Red Cross...
My gf was pregnant and had trouble with last delivery emergency c section so this Dr was best surgion he acted weird but we never could d...
During a visit to my primary-care doctor, he really pushed a test that entails a mouth swab sent to a lab that uses your DNA to determine...
I noticed one day that on my vagina it had a white patch on it. I'm African American and I'm a virgin. The white patch is a bit like powd...
I know this probably comes down to my comfort level, but I recently moved states and had to get a new primary care physician. My husband ...
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