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WELCOME TO THE MEDICAL ETHICS COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Medical Ethics issues such as Abortion; Genetic Engineering; End of Life Issues; Off-Label Prescribing;
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Is it rediculous to think that I could ask my deceased husband's doctor out on a date? After a period of respect for my husband, I would...
Do you think marijuana should be legalized?Why or why not?Just a curious question.
i have been instructed to enter physician offices who appear to write excessive controls and observe patients to determine if the office ...
How can we work on making narcotics illegal? There are people especially the elders and others with heart problems or may have had stroke...
why does this site post propaganda about medical marijuana?? I have my medical card THANK GOD!! This is the best pain management out ther...
my ob lied to me. i asked her if the btl surgery was done to me during my cesarean delivery, she replied "YES" after a few months ago i g...
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