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WELCOME TO THE MEDICAL ETHICS COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Medical Ethics issues such as Abortion; Genetic Engineering; End of Life Issues; Off-Label Prescribing;
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Do you think there should be laws on people who engage in Unprotected sex knowingly and who Knowingly infect people with the HIV virus. I...
I have been seeing my family doc for about 2 years and my psychiatrist also. They both gave me SOMA. But my PC gave me lortabs, Xanax and...
I have moved to a very remote area,my doctor gave me a letter to confirm that I am long term valium taker and pain managed with oxy conti...
I was given guardianship of my grandchildren just this morning. I received a call from DCFS telling my I was supposed to be at their cour...
More states are passing legislation on the use of marijuana for controling pain. I've never been a fan myself, (makes me eat everything i...
Can a doctor purpsely mess up your results? After the test she took a personal phone call (while I was still connected) and after waitin...
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