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WELCOME TO THE MEDICAL ETHICS COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Medical Ethics issues such as Abortion; Genetic Engineering; End of Life Issues; Off-Label Prescribing;
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what are the terms for determing abandonment and professional negligence?
How can I find 10 years of medical records(Dr.'s appointmens, treatments, etc. in(hopefully)one place? Need these for interrogatories. A...
I believe any organ in the body can grow back. Since, I am not a scientist nor in the medical field I wouldn’t know the capabilities of ...
Everyone has a breaking point where they think about leaving this world and I know I will once i loose my eyesight and bound to wheel cha...
In Canada there is a debate starting recently about this topic,and legalizing street drugs.There is a place in Vancouver that will give y...
I am a seasoned paramedic of 12 years. I have a different philosophy about medicine than many of our practicing physicians. Though I am...
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