Medical Marajuana Group

A discussion about the benefits of marajuana and other home remedies A discussion about legal matters, self help, political will, anything goes! The whole Pharma system has been warped by the almighty $$, Marajuana is cheap compared to Pharma!
its been a long time since we have had any posts in this group - is anyone still here? I hope so - the positive benefits of marajuana ar...
Quick question which im sure MJ users know best. I love and enjoy marijuana BUT i dont know what to smoke it from that is most best for ...
i am coming off percs right now and it has about killed me. but med mar is not legal in tn yet so what do you do. i have many medical pro...
Let's here what your week looks like. Docotrs appt's Trying new approaches to help w/ your illness...... We are All Ears :) ~Tonya
i smoke twice a day it helps me eat and sleep i also have PTSD and schizophrenia is this bad?
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