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Memory loss (amnesia) is unusual forgetfulness. You may not be able to remember new events, recall one or more memories of the past, or both. . The purpose of the community is to share support and information with Memory Loss patients, their loved ones, and caregivers. Topics in the community include: causes, clinical trials, complications, family issues, living with Memory Loss, prognosis, research, surgery, treatments.
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I was in a class in school yesterday, I remember about half of what we did (homework corrections and vocabulary quiz) but the next day I ...
I keep forgetting to do things eg ,like go to a meeting at work that I have every week. When prompted I remember but until this its as i...
I am 51 diagnosed with left brain atrophy. It has affected my memory what can I do to stop or slow down the atrophy?
I am a 25 year old male who eats right, works out, and functioned normally before this accident. About 4 years ago I was playing footbal...
Long story short I was found on the floor with zero recollection of what took place , went to ER and a CT (with contrast ) was done. Dr ...
My grandmother is 85, and of late, she has started to show signs of cognitive impairment. She talks gibberish and is disconnected from th...
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