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This patient support community is for discussions relating to menopause, depression, hormone replacement therapy, hot flashes, mood swing, skin changes, and problems with joints/muscle, memory, sex, sleeping, vagina, and weight.
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I've read that flax an help quell our symptoms. Anyone try it or have any experience?
One thing that I really worry about is the issues with weight control post menopause. I'm currently 6 months with no period so well on m...
I am age 66. At age 50 my GYN put me on Prempro. I had no symptoms of menopause. He said that it will happen and I can prevent the dis...
I am 51 years old and just got tested for FSH for the first time, as I'm going to be in a vaccine study where you must not get pregnant. ...
I'm 5'7 and my BMI is very good. I'm 67 and have lung disease. I do cardio 5 or more times a week. This maintains my weight with clean ea...
Is there a normal pattern for menopause? Do women generally have periods that get more and more spaced out until they don't have them a...
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