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I'm a 26 male working for a packaging company in their ecommerce sales team. In 2014, when I was 18 and walking back from the college, Su...
Will a ct scan with contrast of the pelvis detect a urethral stricture?
Hi, About 5 years ago I noticed the skin of the glans of the penis with a thinner and reddish region. It shines differently and, when ...
I had a stupid idea to tie a rubber band around my penis shaft and testicles for the last 2-3 minutes of masturbating. I took it off prom...
I get boners do to stimulants like the dogs running across my lap. Do to this I tend to keep my kids from bouncing around on me because I...
A little over a month ago I received unprotected oral from someone and afterwords I felt a little gross so I splashed a little 91% isopro...
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