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Yesterday I went swimming in the ocean, and lounged on the beach for much of the day. I was wearing a mesh lined bathing suit. That e...
Hello, Im a 32 years old man. I have some burning sensation inside my penis and sore when passing urine and ocasionally when ejaculati...
Dear Community, My scrotum ist burning and itching since several months now. Im 29 years old. A STI screening at urologist was nega...
Hi, I have a question. I can’t seem to hold my erection no more than a minute and climax very soon. I smoke. I feel the reason I cum ver...
I have been doing masterbation 2-3 times a day for very long time. Recently out curiosity I started looking for information about side ef...
Hi all - I'm taking my sibling to the hospital in a few weeks for a hernia operation. They said that the hospital said that I must stay a...
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