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Okay, so I know snooping is wrong and I don't agree with it but with my kind of background in relationships I almost feel a need to do so...
I experience unexplained bruising on my skin, small cuts that appear with a small amount of blood, red blemishes on my skin and weight lo...
Hi group. As the title says, my dads brother died earlier this year and after a few months of investigating his death has returned as una...
I have a carbon copy of the symptoms on the old thread from this website: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Urology/Persistent-Inflamed-Irr...
I have a very mild stinging at the tip of my urethra. Interestingly, it doesn’t sting when I pee. It will start a few minutes after I pee...
Hi all - for the last two months, I've experienced a fairly persistent general pressure around my anus (almost like I have to poop, but I...
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