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Hello, I'm 14 and I have the following problems: burning sensation during urination (at the beginning and especially at the end of the ...
My Penis is quite big. Around 6 inches +. And I really can't pull back my cover below the head. I guess the small part that connects the ...
I have had daily pain at the base of my shaft, and opening of the penis. Been to urgent care 3 times, they take blood and urine and say n...
Hi guys! I had one week ago laparoscopic surgery for left side testicular varicocele but after week later I masturbate now I am regretti...
Hi, I'm a male aged 37 yrs. Not sexually active. Whenever I masturbate I feel severe dehydration, fatigue. If i do it once a day for ...
Hello, I know many people probably wouldn't even want to, but I've always wondered if its possible to retract the testicles into the i...
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