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I am looking for advice on my options on what to do about this unknown bump or ulcer-like thing which appeared on my uretha in November. ...
In the beginning since Christmas, i had a UTI. I treated it until that went away after taking medication for a week. A week after around ...
I Have a question, And I hope you can awnser without asking me for money. I Recently took a blood test and everything turned out a lot be...
Hey what is this yellow thing on my toe its slowly making the toe yucky and ive tried Clotrimazole creams and other topical treatments bu...
Hello, I've noticed over the last two years when I get an erection I have lost 2 inches in my length. I'm 32 years old now and I have no ...
I have lost a lot of sensitivity in the glans of my penis. I wonder if it relates to overuse/misuse of steroid cream a couple of years ag...
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