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This is a patient support community for mental health issues. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, support, resources, and effect on families/loved ones.

If you are in crisis or need assistance, please visit our Crisis Page for resources in your area.
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Would you advise to take it?
Hi,Friends I am suffering from REPEATITION OF Certain sexual Phrases,and Sexual Intrusive thoughts whole the day.Have ANY one This type o...
I'm a 15 year old female, currently residing with my dad. He's gone for all day due to work, and I'm alone most of the time. I've been fa...
Hi! I have a friend who is very kind and wise beyond her age, but she is also very reserved and quiet. We recently have a small, intima...
I have been doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for my ADHD and Anxiety since middle of September of 2020. Right now, my therapy office is...
I am in need of a good therapist or psychologist who uses medical or clinical hypnotherapy in the Detroit area. I've tried Psychologytoda...
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