Methadone and Suboxone withdrawl and addition Group

This is a new group started the FIRST DAY OF THE YEAR 2012 started for people that are wanting to get off Methadone and/or Suboxone. Please post your experiences because the worst part of getting clean of these synthetic opiates is "THE UNKNOWN"
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I'm sure there have been other postings on here asking this very same question but I couldn't seem to find a direct answer... After 8 y...
I am on day 10 of stepping off of 1mg of methadone. I did a very slow taper. When I reached 12mg, I stepped down only 1mg per month. My...
The clinic and everyone at my clinic knows they have me by the balls. They don't work with me and they know I'm addicted. Now they are ...
I have been on methadone for 8 months at 60 and have been off it for 15 days now. My insomnia is very bad and I am lucky to get 3 hours ...
So.. due to no job, no way to pay my clinic for my ongoing 3 1/2 years of 15mg of methadone a day... I was thrown to the curb without. I...
I have been on 30 mg of methadone for a while. I am detoxing cold turkey off of it now. But i heard if I take the suboxone too soon I wil...
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