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This is an un-mediated community for discussions relating to health issues of soldiers who served or are serving in the military. Topics include, but are not limited to Amputation, Anxiety, Back and Spinal Injuries, Benefits, Burns, Biological and Chemical Exposure, Bone Injuries, Depression, Disabled Vets, Gastrointestinal Injuries, Head Injuries, Health Insurance, Infections, Infectious Diseases, Mental Health Issues, Post Traumatic Shock Disorder (PTSD), Resources for Vets, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Vaccines, Wounds-Other
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I decided to post my questions/concerns on the military forum since I am a full-time Canadian soldier, and I do not have immediate access...
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Interested in Class Action Lawsuit? if you think you got HCV from airgun injections or improper medical practice in the military contact me.
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President Obama has proposed to eliminate free co-pays for disabled veterans to reduce the federal debt. This will affect veterans who...
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Will zyprexa "fry your liver" ? if you do [or don't] DRINK ALCOHOL??? will it make me warm and FAT [spare tire]. will it cure my V.D.??....
HAs anyone been diagnoised with auto immune hepatist , psc, or uc after their military service
I am about to meet a review board. If I am found unfit; how can I make sure I am compensated for service connected injuries?.
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I was curious as to how often the Army tests for HIV and if soldiers get tested BEFORE they leave the US and AFTER they return? Also, can...
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Should I treat(remove) my anal warts, and pay out-of-pocket, BEFORE I join the military? Or, take my chances that nobody will notice and...
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Its veteran's day tomorrow and I am going to a great parade where I live.... as the daughter ,wife, sister , MIL of a vet I know how much...
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I served in the military from 1793 to 1993, in Feb 2004 I was told that I have CML Leukemia. I believe that there is a service connection...
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I'm hoping someone may know the answer to this question. Does anyone know which herpes test they use in the Air Force? I was told i...
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How can the VA justify denying my DIC application because they deemed his death not service connected? He denied in 1976, 7 years after l...
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hi, my husband has ptsd and i am trying as a wife to understand what i can do to help . Heres my question , he has just gotten back from ...
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will the va pay compensation to a vietnam vet with an autoimmune disease on a direct basis, with nexus letter ?
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As a disabled Vietnam vet, the military may pay compensation for my agent orange related ankylosing spondylitis. I also suffer from chr...
Ive been dating a active air forcer for the last 8 months. I have struggle with depression and anxiety myself during this time frame. He ...
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I was wondering if the USAF is going to give an std test before I am stationed overseas for my first duty station? And after? Just curiou...
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i am having strange dreams of being in the service again, of being back in combat kinda of like the same dream over and over again it's b...
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One of the more upsetting decisions of the Department of Defense has made recently is to plan to assign females to nuclear submarines. Th...
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