Military Wives Group

This is forum is for military wives of all branches in any country. It's for us all to vent, talk about our everyday lives and the things we deal with, to just to meet others in similar situations, and anything else we feel like talking about. I have learned over the last few years that being in the military is like having a very large extended family. We can help each other and give each other support, through deployments, hardships, family life, and raising children. Again I welcome you, and send out a special thank you to all those who are serving!
I'm a proud military wife and just found out the beginning of March that hubby and I have finally conceived. I've had trouble before and ...
Hey ladies I wanted to check in and see if all of you beautiful ladies are doing well =) As for me... doing good and I get my next u/s on...
My husband hasnt been the real passionate time. He called and wished me a happy birthday and happy valentines day but thats it. I see oth...
Just need some comfort. My husband is leaving for work up training and I dont even have my dog too keep me company. He'll be back for a m...
Please pray for those involved and their families of the Texas Fort Hood shooting. 11 dead (plus the shooter) and 31 injured :( http://...
Does anyone ever feel like they don't really have any friends? I hang out with my neighbor occasionally, but not often. We both have chil...
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