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This is forum is for military wives of all branches in any country. It's for us all to vent, talk about our everyday lives and the things we deal with, to just to meet others in similar situations, and anything else we feel like talking about. I have learned over the last few years that being in the military is like having a very large extended family. We can help each other and give each other support, through deployments, hardships, family life, and raising children. Again I welcome you, and send out a special thank you to all those who are serving!
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I am now off birth control. Hubby is on standby to go to afghanistan in April. Im hoping if I get pregnant he doesnt go and If he goes, I...
its now 6 dpo. my boobs hurt, i feel sick, im tired. but its sooo.... early for any of that. curiosity got the better of me and i did a...
Alright ladies, this is the subject most of us like to avoid. BUT it's inevitable. I'd like this thread to be about ways to deal with our...
I thought it would be fun to have everyone list the branch and country so we can see the variations. My husband and I are in the US Ar...
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