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Mirena IUD Side Effects Support Group

A help site for women who have had mirena side effects,lots of mirena horror stories,advice,imformation,help.
Hello, I'm new to the group and have a question. I have had my Mirena for two years now, and I have recently been experiencing right sid...
I have had my Mirena for a little under three years and I had a period every month up until just a couple months ago. Most websites say s...
Had a Mirena IuD inserted 7 months ago and have bled every day since. Have had it checked for a move in position, it is in place, but the...
I'm having a hard time finding my strings that are attracted to my IUD. I've got Mirena and am a little concerned. Since I've had this fo...
I originally had the Mirena inserted in Dec 2010. I had it replaced in Jan 2016. My last period was probably in spring of 2011. I have ...
I have had the Mirena IUD for 4 years, normally my period is very light and only requires a liner but currently its really really heavy,...
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