Mommy Weight Loss Challenge Group

This group helps supports postpartum moms get back in shape after childbirth. Whether you are going to be giving birth in the next few months or you already have given birth, let us help support your weight-loss goals with tips, videos, diet plans, and exercise. Join us for our weekly weigh-ins and fun-loving mom support.
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We will start our weekly weigh-ins here. Be sure to post and watch this topic so you are notified when we get started :)
Tell us what pre-pregnancy weight you started at and what you ended up gaining throughout your pregnancy. What is your target weight-loss?
Everyone's body is different after birth. Some of us can lose our weight quickly with no effort and for some of us it takes some extra e...
Tell us a little about yourself. When is your due date? Have you had pregnancies before? What has helped you get your body back in shape?
What works for you with losing weight after birth? How soon do you start exercising? And most importantly how do you fit in exercise wi...
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