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Welcome to the Mood Disorders Forum. Questions in this forum are being answered by Peter Forster, MD and topics covered are anxiety, bipolar, depression, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and stress.
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Hi, about 2 months ago I started having this weird head pressure. Almost like fullness, but very full. Mostly around my temples. I was dx...
Im not sure if this were I post this but I woul like some help.I have had right side lower chest pains for 7 month I have been to several...
I recently changed antipsychotics from Zeldox (Geodone) 160mg to Abilify 10mg. I am also on 200mg of lamotrigine and 50mg of Trazodone. I...
I've been diagnosed with depression bipolar I and borderline personality disorder... I'm on only 20mg Celexa and 5mg Abilify... I've onl...
My son is almost 27. He had Intermittent explosive disorder. He drinks and smokes pot to self medicate. He is good looking, super smar...
I am 19 years old. I got diagnosed with Conversion Disorder on or around Sept. 20th 2010. Ive tried to contact the doctor who diagnosed m...
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