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Welcome to the Mood Disorders Forum. Questions in this forum are being answered by Peter Forster, MD and topics covered are anxiety, bipolar, depression, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and stress.
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I have been treated for depression for a few years now but lately i just cannot cope...i feel suicidal and at the end of my tether...i ha...
My son is 7-years-old and in the first grade. He has had trouble at school since he was 5 in preschool. While in preschool the only thing...
I'm wondering about my options in terms of therapy and general life choices. I'm not able to access therapy that is likely to benefit ...
Hey so my names Danny and I'm 16. I've been smoking weed quite frequently for 3 years, but I wanna say with in 9 months I have been doing...
I am 27 years old... have been dealing with bipolar since I was 13. Lately things have been getting so bad. I spent a week in the psych w...
by Vanishedwish, Nov 24, 2011 I overdosed 2 years ago using my friend anti psychotic. I suffered from acute dystonic reaction a da...
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