This is a new Methadone group starting in March;2011. This is a group for anyone currently on Methadone, looking to start Methadone,getting off Methadone or just in need of an answer about Methadone. If you currently have an addiction to another drug, please stay. Addiction is a lonely place and everyone is here for the same reason. We need someone to talk to. Please be kind and respect each others feelings. Please feel free to talk about everyday life or something important that is going on. If you need help please ask. If you do not get an answer, please go to "Marebear74" and try there. This is my username and my MedHelp site. I am always here to listen to anything you need to talk about. Best Wishes To You!!!!
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Has anyone in this forum ever given birth to a baby while on methadone? I am 31 weeks pregnant and on methadone. I just wanted some feedb...
i have been on methadone for just under a year i got put on this crap from being addicted to hydro mo and was at a very lethal high amoun...
Please don't tell me to call it tapering. To me, methadone is poison of the worst sort and I will call it detoxification. I have numbed m...
DO any of u guys statr having ED problems aftre starting taking methadone? Question for men and women does it cause a lack of interest in...
Is is possible to make the switch from methadone to heroin and then ween down on the dope then go to detox?
As anyone took cymbalta while on methadone treatment? I am moving and have so much pain in back and osteoarthritis, I think I will start ...
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