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Natural Health Group

Learn a few tricks to achieve good health by doing simple things and having good lifestyle habits. We are talking natural remedies/supplements, vitamins, nutrition, exercise, naturopathy and herbs with awesome proprieties. A good place for anyone with physical or mental illness or disorder that want to improve their condition or anyone interested in the subjects.
Does anyone have any info on natural ways to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain? With so many anti-depressant medications and anx...
Hello everyone, please take a moment in your life to read this information. There's a subject that unfortunately people are unaware or...
Well after being a couch potato for quite a while I decided I need to lose a few pounds, I used to do a lot of 'power walking' and I was ...
has anyone had any good results with st johns wort? i am thinking of trying it.
FOR THE FLU: You need to juice 5 medium lemons and 5 large cloves of garlic (or 10 small ones). Add as much cayenne pepper as you c...
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