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Learn a few tricks to achieve good health by doing simple things and having good lifestyle habits. We are talking natural remedies/supplements, vitamins, nutrition, exercise, naturopathy and herbs with awesome proprieties. A good place for anyone with physical or mental illness or disorder that want to improve their condition or anyone interested in the subjects.
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How serious is it that I'm experiencing light bleeding after 15 plus years of menopause?
Hello everyone, please take a moment in your life to read this information. There's a subject that unfortunately people are unaware or...
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Does anyone have any info on natural ways to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain? With so many anti-depressant medications and anx...
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Everyone :)
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I had an ALCAT test done a couple of years ago, which produced a scoresheet of "bad" foods for me, semi-bad, somewhat okay and okay ones ...
What is Athlet's foot? what are the main side effects of this.
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Oww! I can't touch my toes for anything. I hear you're supposed to go only till you feel the stretch, but I don't ever feel the stretch...
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Well after being a couch potato for quite a while I decided I need to lose a few pounds, I used to do a lot of 'power walking' and I was ...
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has anyone had any good results with st johns wort? i am thinking of trying it.
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World's Safest Liver Cleanse Smoothie The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. It performs over 500 different functi...
Check out I was blown away by just how bad milk is for us.
FOR THE FLU: You need to juice 5 medium lemons and 5 large cloves of garlic (or 10 small ones). Add as much cayenne pepper as you c...
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I've been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and I'm getting interested in using more natural means. It will have to be baby steps, ...
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