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Some years ago I inquired at this site to help solve a nerve compression problem in my upper neck. The result was that I have a solveable condition for which there is no known surgeon. It is difficult enough to drive 10 hours for a doctor's appointment and be confronted by apathy, terror, and quite possibly ignorance. I say the last item because I am told that my condition is no longer being taught by the medical community. I am at a loss to know where to go next and I am looking for guidance. I have used the category of 'other' because this problem is in-between the professions of ENT, Neurosurgery, Vascular Surgery, and Spinal Surgery.
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Hello there, I'm interested in learning about what kind of pain you are experiencing. I am, myself, 22 years old, experience chroni...
I am new here and I am just looking for some answers. 5 plus years ago I had ACDF on c3-4 and a couple years later things got worse. WAY ...
Although significantly better now after 2.5 years of all kinds of treatment including high frequency ablation and facet blocks, several w...
Hi, I am 41 years old. I can say that in the past, I had stressful jobs and as a result I developed some neck problems. Recently I had a ...
I have pain on the left side of my neck and the base of my skull and shooting down my collar bone and down into my should joint and in my...
Have recently found out that I have C5 C6 herniated disk. Protrusion is pressing on spinal cordand causing some discomfort in left arm a...
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