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My son is 12 and since February has been having seizures that are progressively getting larger in size & nature. He is unaware when he h...
I am just at a loss. My dad is 69 for about 2-3 years he has been mentally declining. 3 MRIs on brain no evidence of Alzheimer’s. He is g...
I feel like my left foot is slipping like on ice. I have never gone completely down but have slipped and needed to grab something to mak...
1. No acute intracranial abnormality. 2. Old right MCA territory infarction, Wallerian degeneration of the right corticospinal tract, ...
Why do I hear a crackling noise in my head and neck when I'm hungry? It happens whenever I'm really really hungry and the noise coincide...
My father is 74 years old, a retired carpenter. Around 5 years ago he was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer which he treated wit...
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