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WELCOME TO THE NEWBORN PHOTO COMMUNITY: This support community is a special place to post your baby's photo and announce the delivery of your newborn baby! Discussions relating to your birth announcement, birth story, measurements, Apgar score, first name, and other baby-related events are encouraged, as you share your proud moment with other members in a casual setting.
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Hi, Welcome to the Newborn Photo Community! This community is your online " Baby's Brag Book" created with you and your baby in mind! ...
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She'll be a month old Sunday <3
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I had my twin girls Taylor and Madison via c-section on the day after Christmas at 32 weeks gestation. It was a scheduled procedure becau...
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hi everyone could someone please tell me how to upload pics on here? congratulations on all your beautiful babies x
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I know it'a a bit late but Blayde Arrived on the 21st April weighing 6lb 2oz 48cm long
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I was induced a week early on Feb 10 because of high blood pressure, i stayed all night without progressing much. The next day the 11th, ...
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