November 2011 Babies Group

Thankful For Our Nov Blessings!
A boy or a girl? I just found out that I am having a little boy! Would love to know what your having.
I wanted to get this group started so we all have a place to post what we are going through at the moment. I want to keep up with everyon...
Hi Ladies, I just wanted to check in with everyone to see how you are all doing/ feeling. I am almost 20 weeks (half way there!!!) an...
I was just told that I am positive for Gestational Diabetes. So now I have High Blood pressure and Gestational Diabetes. Looks like I am ...
Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I am wondering how many ladies are still with us for a EDD in Nov? It feels like there is only a few o...
My first ultrasound is scheduled for Tuesday March 15th. I will be exactly 7 weeks. We are praying for a heartbeat. It's so nerve-racking...
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