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This forum is for pet health questions regarding Nutritional Management. Questions will be answered by a veterinarian.
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I read where Omega 3 was good for your dog. Is it a different Omega 3 or is it the same that humans take?
I have been researching that toxic levels of flouride are present in meal fillers. We are trying out life's abundance(holistic). Any su...
Our prior vet (now retired) recommended that we feed our two cats (the second is a three-year-old male) mainly dry cat food with a bit of...
My boy Shadow, has recently been diagnosed with IBD...he'll have it all his life...he has been given Mitronitizole for it, as well as Met...
i have 2 dogs....a 4 yr old ch. lab and a 7 yr shep/bordr collie mix. The lab is vey active and i play frisbee with him daily. How much a...
What can I give my 133 lb Roty to make her blood strong? I have had blood work done and she is anemic. Is there a homeopathic remedy or...
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