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adopted beemer in january, found out diabetic 3 weeks later, doing well on insulin and low carb diet. now he has allergies and is itching...
I am thinking about getting her off reg dog food all together. They say there is to much salt in reg. dog food is that true? I had a dog...
Got a cat named precious, female shorthair , 3-4 yrs old. Last vet check mar 2011. Vet looked her over, weighed her at 15 pounds, said h...
Am getting cat slimmed down for avoidance of diabetes. Feeding her best feline friends canned from merrck full can if 3oz , half if fiv...
When we brought home Penny, our dane puppy (now 4 months), our breeder had given us a comprehensive feeding program for her which consist...
hi i hav a 4 month old lab puppy i give her a bowlfull of oatmeal + veggies + diluted milk in each morning n rice+1egg+ vegi...
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