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This forum is for questions and support regarding issues such as: Acne and food, Allergies to food, Balanced Menus , Diabetes , Eating Disorders, Healthy Snacks, Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia, Nutrition, Over-eating, Weight Loss .

What is the right length of an initial nutritional assessment? At my clinic they want to make the appointments 30 mins instead of 60 minu...
I am 28 years old and my weight varies from 59kg to 63kg. I am 5ft8 and i eat healthily,sometimes way too much, but i am so skinny and lo...
I have in my family some cases of high trygliceride and high LDL, and once I did blood test which shows that my trygliceride lvel was on ...
My daughter just had a physical. I asked the doctor to do some blood work since she is SO lethargic. She gets plenty of sleep at night ...
a year ago I had a stress induced cardiovascular event (similar to a heart attack) and during the evaluation I was also diagnosed with at...
What's a good yogurt for digestive health?
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