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Hi I want to increase my weight I'm thin but my appetite is great Eat everything but my weight is stable at 59 kg I would increase it to ...
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Hi My RD friend said that this she always calculates ration for patients during hour or even more. I gone through existing tools and r...
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I am a healthy 20 year old female. I am a former collegiate long-distance runner; I stopped running competitively a few months ago, but s...
I am a diabetic, very picky eater and working on losing weight. Need a good, completely comprehensive vitamin/nutritional supplement. A...
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I was diagnosed in Nov 2009 with B6 toxicity. I have been off all supplements with B6 since that time except for about one month when I ...
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I have had numbness, tingling and burning in my left arm for around 2 years now. It started getting worse about a year ago and now happe...
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Could a person survive on an all liquid diet of meal replacement drinks like Ensure or Boost, that are full of protein and nutrients, for...
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At the begining of my day the amount of caloties was 1576. I consumed 400 calories and it shows that 1276 left. Why?
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Calories, anything. Help please
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For the past few months I've been having waves of nausea. In March I was prescribed Sertraline for anxiety. During this time, however, my...
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I am a breastfeeding mom and my weight dramatically decreased since I was breastfeeding my 7-month old baby. I would like to know what wo...
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So, I drink on average 1.5 cans of Mountain Dew each day. (I say 1.5 because it seems I never finish a whole can.) I'd love to quit this ...
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How can you edit the nutrition details of a food item I've added?
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I have a strange question about something that happens to me quite often. Whenever I pass a construction site, am exposed to airborne co...
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The anus rectum whole area internally to externally becomes more wet moist and bad odor forms after defecations and there is a pathogen e...
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lately Ive been having a hard time eating every kind of food make me want to be puke the only food Ive been able to eat is fruit. i all w...
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hi im a 13 year old.over the past 2 weeks ive been struggling a lot while eat every morning when i wake up i was feel like throwing up an...
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Hello sir, my weight is 100 kg and I want to reduce approx 20 kg. So help me by providing a vegiterian balanced diet of indian origin.
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I've had an eating disorder for a while now. I used to starve myself and even when I starved myself I never felt this way. I haven't had ...
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I am recovering from a restrictive eating disorder. I dropped from 145 to 120 pounds. I began refeeding in January and lifting weights 4 ...
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