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Hi, I started eating match stick heads 3 months back. I used to consume 5-10 match stick heads a day. But in a month I had constant low B...
As of the past 2 months, I have been on high gear taking my health way more seriously then ever. I am only 32 years old and have alrea...
I am an active 69 year old female. Recent bloodwork revealed a B12 level of 1694 and a folic acid level of 20.My homocysteine level is 1...
I wasnt sure what Topic to post under, nothing seem to really fit. I am a 26 year old Female, 5'10" and weigh about 99lbs. I have researc...
So I'm off on my holidays in two months and I need to loose 12kg. I am on a no carb or dairy diet. It seems to be working , especially ...
I'm reading a lot about this. Serotonin receptors in the gut? There are theories that we can directly impact our mental health through im...
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