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how can i control my colesterol
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Recently quit smoking (7 months ago) gained 15lbs. I'm 5 foot even and 156lbs. Any advice I. How to lose. I have upped my exercise and I'...
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My 17 year old daughter doesn't want to eat. She only eats a bit of grapes and some bread, some days pizza and chips. It has been a long ...
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I'm a man who has thalassemia minor. I feel anemic quite often (It is manifest for example when I climb the stairs or when I stand up qui...
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Does anyone have a nice recipe for lunch which is easy to make and that does not involve gluten? I want to try different things everyday ...
5 answers |
how to gain weight,give tips to improve my body
1 answer |
I just got my lab work back and my vitamin b12 is up from 790 to over 2000 (too high to read) in a matter of six months. I originally had...
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I'm really concerned on if too much green tea is bad for you because I drink it 24/7. I've always heard too much of anything isn't good f...
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my wife who is 22 years old refusing to eat anything from one month........she is not pregnant .
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Hi, I need to find if my body is deficient of any of these Vitamins & minerals May i know which all tests do i need to take to get the v...
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does your thyriod have anything to do with high blood pressure? does high blood preesure have anything to do with your heart ?
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I am an active 69 year old female. Recent bloodwork revealed a B12 level of 1694 and a folic acid level of 20.My homocysteine level is 1...
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Hey everyone I'm 14 years old and am having a few issues at the moment... 1: I hear voices screaming at me just as I'm about to go to...
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Bonk after coffee stop (Club ride) Post19 Mar 2017 12:24 Hi, Anyone had this issue? I get to the cafe stop, half way on a 45 mile Cl...
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I'm feeling very weak actually I working in a petrol pump right now since 6 months I was better before working here I'm not a body buil...
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I had blood test and I have normal hematocrit and hemoglobin but low mcv, mch and rdw-sd. It this anemia and if it is which type it is ?
2 answers | 1 comment |
I've never intentionally starved myself but being in college at the moment I'm often very busy and quite tight financially, so it's not u...
2 answers |
I'm repulsed by the idea of eating and my stomach aches with hunger, and when I do eat this is sometimes followed by immediate spewing. I...
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I have a high cholesterol issue and I am looking for a way to track what I am taking in.
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Safe strength training exercises?
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