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I have a high b12 level 1400. I was terrified when I read on the Internet on disease associated with this. My blood tests and liver funct...
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My 18 months old baby has low iron level. He is on supplement but it increase very poorly. From 9.2 to 9.5. What else can I do gor his i...
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I purchased a gallon of black seed oil "nigella sativa" in October of 2011. When I first received it I started consuming it regulary, but...
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I've stopped eating processed food except for 1/2 of a gluten free English muffin that I have with eggs for breakfast, and an occasional ...
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I'm so sad i can't wait to see the bad things in my future please help me
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I have had a high B12 level persisting in my blood tests for over a year >1476 pmol/ . I am not taking any supplements and have never ha...
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I smoke cigarettes and feel that it messes with my weight but I've noticed other can smoke and maintain can I gain a massive...
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i take the following vitamins on a daily basis. they are as follows- cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, multivitamin, zinc, magnesium, ...
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I recently have started feeling sick when I am eating and for a while after I am eating. I have no idea why does anyone have any ideas
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Need to offset meds
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Hi. Im 38 weeks pregnant. Husband and i went to a friends house for dinner. The pork chops they served us were very very undercooked. We ...
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Hello, my name is Mackenna. I'm turning 13 in a few weeks. I just moved from Georgia to Washington. I realized that I wasn't really eatin...
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i have been drinking a litre of orange juice everyday for the past 2months.will drinking this much a day effect me in the long run?i have...
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I 33 year old unmarried male. I would like to about my health performance on various indicators therefore what all test I should undergo ...
What are good exercises for a flat stomach???
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its been several years now. I am 20 and i do it all the time and waste a lot of time on it.
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I have recently injured my shoulder and can't do as much training so I am taking this as more of an opportunity to get my diet back on tr...
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Hello, I just want to know the names of the high in protein foods and the names of the high in carbs/fat foods Thanks
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I installed this app today. Searched roti its serving is 1 and calories vary 60 -300 calorie what should I choose
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Is it normal to not want to eat after exercising? I always feel sick after I exercise and I just don't feel the need to eat until about t...
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