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I've never intentionally starved myself but being in college at the moment I'm often very busy and quite tight financially, so it's not u...
I'm repulsed by the idea of eating and my stomach aches with hunger, and when I do eat this is sometimes followed by immediate spewing. I...
I have a high cholesterol issue and I am looking for a way to track what I am taking in.
Safe strength training exercises?
I believe I am somewhat lactose intolerant, but lactose free milk bothers me too. So does cheese and yogurt. I do not have a problem wi...
I'm 17 years old (female) and I'm 90-95 pounds. I'm very insecure about my weight because I'm alot smaller than most girls my age. I'm lo...
Hello. I'm 20/m and I weigh 107 pounds at 5'7. I've been trying to change my diet in order to gain weight. I've been tracking calories a...
I switched from Kirkland Signature adult gummy multivitamins to Centrum Chewable orange flavoured multivitamins. You can look those up to...
Hi All, I'm a 21 y/o male. Due to severe mental health issues, I had to leave university last yr, and as a result have been VERY seden...
I am 19 years old with 185lbs weight and 5.10 inch taller, m working out since 3 years at gym and have a good physique.... But my BMI is...
I am a vegetarian
Is there a tutorial hiw to create and register a new recipe?
I need to create a new recipe.
I need to create a new recipe.
It's only the first version, so we have a lot of great features coming to the app soon. We’d love your feedback and suggestions. Please ...
I rec'd a 2pg insert w/ my Topamax tonight. I've been taking it as a mood stabilizer for over 25 years for my bipolar disorder. I'm havin...
Hi all, This is something very urgent and stressful and I'm hoping that anyone can help me out as I am at a loss... I am 17 years old...
Just wanted to Know of a Product I saw in Paper?
Safe strength training exercises?
Safe strength training exercises?
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