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I suffer with severe pain from knee down to my foot, on the inside of my shin. It is very knotty as you run your finger up both my shins....
While moving file cabinets, boxes, etc, in the office last week, I believe I pulled my serratus anterior on my right side. I am having e...
Hello there! I had a lateral meniscus tear which I had arthiscopic knee surgery on 2 years ago. The Dr told me that I had developed arthr...
Many online sites, and acquaintences, warn about infection in the knee after knee replacement. Although the doctor uses a pre-surgery an...
A little background.... I'm a 46yo fem skier symptoms of joint line pain and stiffness in the right knee. No locking or serious instabil...
I was lifting weights about 6 months ago and felt a pop in my upper left back. 3 hours later i was at the emergency room with spasms so b...
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