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Osteoporosis is a condition of low bone density that can progress silently over a long period of time leading to an increased risk of fracturing of bones. Discuss topics including osteopenia, the effects of menopause, low density prevention, symptoms, treatments, and how to deal with fractures.
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I am looking for information so I can evaluate the price of treatment. The medicine is fairly reasonable but the hospital staff say that ...
I had a bad reaction to Fosamax with severe digestive upset. Worse reactionwith Reclast;extremely swollen right leg especially around kn...
Dentist won’t pull my molar because I take FOSAMAX? I am 83. Says to have a root canal instead.
I take FOSAMAX Dentist won’t pull my tooth? Why?
severe pain in left groin , buttock, and thigh area. unable to walk without support. this occurs after sitting even for short periods. ...
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