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Ovarian Cancer Forum

This forum is for questions and support regarding ovarian cancer issues, such as: Biopsy, Chemotherapy, Clinical Trials, Genetics, Hysterectomy, Immunotherapy, Ovarian Cancer Types, Radiation Therapy, Risk Factors, Screening, Staging, Surgery.
Im 47 and an utrasound has found " left ovary is substantially replaced by a 6cm large,solid, heterogenously slightly hyperechoic mass ...
Ultrasound revealed a 13 cm mass on my R ovary, so doctor tested my blood, He called yesterday to tell me the result was "normal" but he...
I was in the ER last night after 2 months of feeling full and like I should burst with pain. I was told that I have bleeding cysts, no mo...
Does anyone have low grade serous ovarian cancer? my daughter is 26 years old, had total hysterectomy and two failed rounds of chemo. I...
Hi all, My wife had just diagnosed with JGCT, she had her surgery before one month ( removed her left ovary which enlarged to 9 cm and...
I had a recent ultrasound to confirm fibroids which there are two 3 cm fibroids. Also noted was a 8x9 cm complex ovarian mass. The radi...
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