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I have been diagnosed with lutenized sex cord stromal malignant tumor.. i had the 1st one removed along with a Hysterectomy 11 years ago...
by kristaparis1, 21 hours ago Hello I have granulosa cell cancer. In December of 2007 I had a complete hysterectomy and did not ha...
Diagnosed granulosa cell tumor 2012. All cancer was removed. Cancer recurred in 2019. Had the cancer removed. Did 5 rounds of chemo ta...
Hello everyone! Unfortunately, I have to go through chemotherapy and surgery again. My second opinion surgeon gave me the name of chem...
I am not sure what I really intend to get answered here. But here I go. I am middle age. I had a hyst. in 1992 keeping both ovaries. ...
Anyone who has had a borderline tumor removed have any information on what follow up is recommended? I had a stage 1A removed in 2006. ...
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