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Ovarian Cancer Community

Ladies, I had an ultrasound yesterday and these are my results - what am I looking at when the dr gets back to me? I’m trying not to over...
x-ray showed small pneumonia onset...what to do??
What is going on? She has had 3 rounds of chemo - 8 hours each. She now needs a feeding tube, and a colostomy bag. Then they want her ...
First, important point: My mother died of ovarian cancer January 2009, at the age of 76. My main concern after that was getting my ovari...
I am 55, had 3C ovarian cancer in 2019. Six rounds of chemo (carboplatin/taxol). Complete resection. On Lynparza since then. Ca 125 at 8 ...
I have been diagnosed with lutenized sex cord stromal malignant tumor.. i had the 1st one removed along with a Hysterectomy 11 years ago...
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