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Welcome to the Ovarian Cysts Forum. This is a place where you can ask your ovarian cyst questions and receive answers from highly trained physicians whose expertise is ovarian cysts. You will also find other members who share your interest in ovarian cysts.
Hi all health professionals. My girlfriend was suffering from abdominal pain since few weeks. We, my girlfriend and I thought it to b...
I am 50 years old, still menstruating, although in the last year or so cycle has shortened from 28 to 21 days. Last month, bleeding beca...
For the last few months (I'd say since February) I have been experiencing a plethora of pains in my lower and upper abdominals, along wit...
Ive been having very heavy periods for months, until this month. My period started yesterday and has been more on the "normal" side of ...
Hiii=) ok so I have alott of ovary syct(small in a way but not soooo small) on both ovarys & a 5cm syct on top of my ovary syct & those o...
I have pcos I have 30 cyst I had the drilling but all my cyst grew back but I now have no sex drive is there anything I can do to get it ...
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