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Hello, In November of 2019, I had surgery to remove a very large (30 cm! nearly 15 lbs.), benign, fluid filled cyst on my left ovary. ...
As stated, I’ve already be diagnosed with prolapse of bladder and uterus. It causes a good amount of pressure and also incontinence. I ...
I'm a 34 year old woman. I've been trying for a pregnancy since 2016. I got diagnosed with endometriosis (symptomatically) in late 2017 d...
Hi, I just had laparoscopy done on Tuesday to remove a dermoid cyst measuring 7.5 x 6.2 x 4.9cm. I am still feeling sore and bloated. ...
Hello i got my left ovary removed one month back due to cyst.now after googling am scared and worried i didnt know removing ovary has so ...
OVARIAN CYST Notifications One ovary removal Unfollow Posted a moment ago, 1 user is following. terry92538 terry92538 hello one ...
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