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My husband has been prescirbed oxy's for about 3 yrs now thur a pain managment doctor. He keeps increasing the daily dose but my husband ...
I got a lumbar Spain and my doctor said to go to physical therapy. I went but got injured By the "exercises" and pinched my sciatic n...
I am a 26 year old female and I have been dealing with kidney stones for the past 9 years. I pass atleast 2 stones every month. Recentl...
This is difficult for me to explain, so bear with me. So, here's a scenario: It's late at night, and I'm laying in bed. I've got my la...
Five months after my L5-S1 discectomy, I started getting burning sacrum pain. It has been almost another five months of level 6-10 pain. ...
Hello! I’m new to pain management care. I have to have a hip replacement. I have osteoarthritis in my hip and very bad pain in my left hi...
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