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Long story - shortest version I can make: I’m a long term chronic pain-er from endometriosis, pelvic pain, adhesions, etc. I’ve been ta...
I am in utter disbelief. Just left my pain management Dr (for the last 3 months have been seeing a nurse practioner) not my regular doct...
I'm 17 years old, I don't take any medicine, but since January both my legs hurt. It was like being electrocuted. I went to a doctor for ...
I have been using the patches for over 2 years now. all seemed to be working OK. This week however my Phamacy did not have the full amo...
Started Pain Mgnt. IN October. They reduced my hydrocodone from 180 pills a month (10mg/325) my primary Dr was prescribing as they no lon...
I've been seeing my pain dr for 21 years. I have multiple spinal issues and neuropathy pain, and a 4 level spinal fusion. I'm having a...
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