Parent IEP/Special Education Community Group

A community for parents to ask questions regarding their child's IEP program and discuss options with other parents on how to get through the process. We are also all here to support each other when we all go through the challenges and miscommunications that can definitely occur when going through the IEP/Special Education process. Our children are a gift and should be treated that way.
Hello, my son who is 8 years old is going into IEP. Since kindergarten he has been behind, he is now in 3rd grade. He does very well ...
Background: C is 9. He was dx with moderate to severe ADHD at 4 by a Psychiatrist. He has been on every ADHD med out there. All seem to w...
My son just had his abilities test through the school and we are waiting for our first IEP meeting. What am I to expect?
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