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Hi everyone my little baby will be ten weeks when I start work , I will be working for 3 hours on a sat and two and a half on a Wednesday...
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This is my second child and I'm only 18 years old and I just don't know how I'm going to do it with a whole other baby my son is turning ...
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My daughter will be 6 month in 3 days , about 3 or 4 week ago i was reading her a book ans she started shaking her head and i assumed she...
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Baby girl is 7 months and is catching a cold, what otc medicine can I give her that'll help with the runny nose and congestion ?
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My little is 6 weeks and I feel like I can't get anything done because she wants to be held all the time. I love holding her but I keep g...
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How much of formula so I be giving my son since he's already 2 weeks & 1 day, baby boy gets hungry every two hours and I'm feeding him ev...
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I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Saturday at 32 gestational weeks. Anybody else with a premature baby? What should I prepare mys...
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My 10 month baby is suffering from high grade fever and mild cough complaints. I have given him klaricid and brufen. Klaricid is given tw...
This is a Q for mommy's who already have a LO. My 2 month old has cradle cap, which in my opinion has gotten bad. It is yellow & scaly....
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My son is 10 months and just recently started crying when he eats his food. And crying when it's time for bed. I've tried everything lite...
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I have 10 1/2 month old twins girls and wanted to ask if anybody has weaned off their babies from th3 pacifiers? And if so any advice on ...
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Hello has anybody used over the counter meds on their baby yeast infection? I need help. My doctor didn't even give her anything
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Hey mummys to be just after a little advice. My son just turned 1 and have recently found out im due with number 2 in February. How have ...
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Hello ladies. I was just told that my 2 week old Daughter has Infantile Colic. I never heard of that until now. I'm currently doing my re...
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My daughter has been drinking 4oz but some days she drinks up to 6oz, I don't know if that's normal?
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My baby just turned 1 and he doesn't know how to walk or say some things like other babies is that normal?
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When can a baby drink pedialyte ?
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My almost seven month old DD has started shaking her head, pretty vigorously at times, from side to side. Kind of like she is saying "no"...
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Ive been doing some research vaccinating and I feel like some of them will do more harm than good. There alot ingredients in them that ma...
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