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My baby girl is 3 months and her head looks like it's flat in the back. I'm worried is this normal And will it ever be round???
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My babygirl just turned 2 months today!!! ;) 10 more before she's 1. I enjoy being a mommy:)
Has anyone ever experienced their newborn spitting up gasping for air and milk coming out of their nose after a feeding. It's really scar...
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I'm almost 22 weeks pregnant and my daughter is only 7.5 months old (I'm due 5 days before her 1st birthday) I'm really nervous having my...
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Hey ladies who have kids already I have a 11 month old daughter & she is hardly eating! My question is, is there any vitamins he can have...
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So i hear you have a choice to let the nurses bathe your baby or not . should i let them bathe her ? is it a good idea or what ?
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My baby is three days old. I came home from the hospital yesterday. My baby has been extremely fussy since our last night at the hospital...
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My 1 year old son has a teeny tiny splinter In his foot and jerks his foot away every time I try to look at it, is there any other way to...
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I didn't have my baby yet unfortunately but. I went to my doctor and she said if I don't have him by this week I have to get induced Sund...
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My baby girl Hates tummy time soo much ..she's 10 weeks and I'm so scared she'll crawl really late she screams and just lays there . I al...
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in the Parenting Babies (Newborn to 1 year) Community. lyshabob has experience with parenting newborns to 1 year old. We look forward to...
She's 10 weeks and ahe loves to suck . She goes for her fingers so I gave her a pacifier since I can throw that since way unlike hee thum...
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Hello Everyone My 9 months old kid is having light fever and is prescribed with Cephalexin 125 mg, Deriphyllin syrup and one antipyret...
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My baby girl is 2 months now, and since a week after birth she's been such a fussy bug. Always whimpering or crying. She's very healthy, ...
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I had my baby Thursday she's 5 days old now , she always randomly gets the hiccups and it makes her cry wake her up etc ... What can I do...
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My daughter is 7 months will be 8 months on the 22nd. She has a really dry cough & she's had it for a little over a week. It keeps her up...
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My baby is almost two weeks old.. I can get her to sleep on the bed next to me if she's touching me but I'm terrified of rolling over on ...
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How do u mommies of boys feel about getting your babies circumcised? I'm getting my son circumcised but I'm very scared because I know he...
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My baby is 3days old and I just changed her and there was some blood in her diaper too. Is that normal?
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When does the swelling on the baby's head usually go away? It's getting me worried a little bit plus the doctor thought that I had her va...
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